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16. april 2013

Det Nationale High-Throughput DNA Sequencing Center

Tekniske specifikationer
The Danish National High-Throughput DNA Sequencing Centre offers a broad selection of next-generation sequencing data (Illumina and Roche/454 technologies), and provides "whole genome optical mapping" (OpGen) to improve sequence assembly and accelerate comparative genomics projects. It hosts a HiSeq2000, a HiSeq2500 and a MiSeq (Illumina), a GS FLX and a GS FLX+ (Roche/454) as well as an Argus Optical Mapping System (OpGen). We also have several dedicated powerful servers for data storage and analysis

Anvendelse af udstyr
Our staff can build a wide range of sequencing libraries (Illumina or Roche com-patible) from DNA (genomic, cDNA, PCR products), or can process prebuilt libraries. We provide quality control of the libraries (qubit, bioanalyzer, qPCR) and sequencing on our platforms. Raw data are provided as fastq files through a ftp.

We also deliver whole genome optical maps and temporary access to Genome Builder software (OpGen), based on DNA we extract from cell cultures or blood samples.

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