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Licensing inventions from the University of Copenhagen

Via the University of Copenhagen’s Tech Trans Office your company can secure access to use the University of Copenhagen’s inventions – and thereby have valuable new technology and knowledge transferred to your company.

The University of Copenhagen offers access to Commercial Deals and Easy Access IP Deals, which grant companies and individuals free licence agreements to certain inventions.

We offer a wide range of technologies, of which many are patented. Based on your requirements, we draw up a list of technologies that are relevant for your company, and send you a project description for the relevant technologies.

You will then have the opportunity to meet the inventors behind the individual technologies and receive a more detailed presentation. The University of Copenhagen's Tech Trans Office will handle any negotiations.

Read more in the box to the right and contact the University of Copenhagen’s Commercial Officers for a list of the technologies which the University currently wishes to license out.

If you require access to use a particular technology, the University of Copenhagen normally offers either an exclusive or a simple licence. Under a licence, we can share the risk that implementing newly invented technology usually entails. The cost of licensing valuable knowledge varies according to the area in which you operate, just as the nature, maturity and potential of the technology also play a role.